Thursday, 26 July 2018

i always wanted to say whats in my heart in order to find out how many people around me really do a certain things like me, do think like me about certain concepts , etc . Penning down my thoughts is my favorite pass time and gives me satisfaction that i am able to discharge my duties of as an ambassador of God to the people .
similarities are subtle but hard to find

underline important concepts in life. don't over lie on them 

today we got a topic for group discussion : and hence i wanted to share my viewpoints on that topic ;topic being Beauty Contest are degrading women .
i am into believing that this is true 

  1. beauty is a natural gift , its from God ; whether you are satisfied and contended with what u have or not is upto you and a topic of huge discussion in its own sense .

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

artificial intelligence

One of the best books to be referred to know about the past , present and future of artificial intelligence in my view is definitely the work by Professor Nick Bostron , "Superintelligence" .
We all whether we accept it or not , whether people take it to be real or not , artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to pose greatest existential  threat created by we humans , why am i forced to say that its the greatest threat and indeed not a gift . u may think i am a pessimist but i am not , actually if u create an algorithm in the most appropriate of manners  and mostly unbiased to predict the future of the technology and its impact on the lives of people we all shall witness something distressing and hopefully much more pessimistic than my thinking will be revealed . 😇 
this pessimistic view comes into picture once we start realising about human's nature . its very fluid and greedy and generally not able to take sound decisions in one sitting .the greatest of problems were not even solved by the most brilliant of minds , just due to the setbacks in our nature may be due to non-synchornisation of ideas or the meagre lack of ability or power to implement the so-called magical ideas our minds percieve. 
please take some time out to think about this topic , because of its universal affect . And get your hands on to force the governments and international agencies to regulate to development of artificial intelligence as meticulously as possible . 

Sunday, 26 June 2016


FOCUS , it has various meanings in life. But in today's world where there are a lot more distractions than ever, focus has changed its name to multitasking . whether u take it positively or negatively . so the question here is how productive a human being is at this point in time . Does all its work benefits him to the fullest possible limit even is he works upto the brim . to explore this topic there must be a greater and deeper understanding of the human society . but i want to put it up in a more casual and easier manner . suppose a person gets up at morning around 10 o clock after a hectic night and works for the whole day then he can not deliver the best out of his job . as well he wont be able to be socially responsible to his family and society . so the way out of this problem must be developed only on a large and massive scale by having good norms for the society and official work hubs . 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Muhammed (SAWS) .Non Muslims are able to find the blessed knowledge of him.Then why aren't some Muslims find guidance from his teachings.i condemn Peshawar attack
i condenm the thinking behind it
i pay tribute to all the people effected by this brutality 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


the science

science is a subject connecting the world but why we people are taking it to break our ties????????
why are we using science in the destructive forms more often?????????
if we can stop wars with science then why are we making the warfare using science???????????
                there are so many problems faced by us aren't we trying to solve them 
                 yes ofcourse
                      but i think we are getting much more free time after solving the problems that we are creating much more problems """in order to solve them again,hahaha""""?????????
""   we looked around and found
we are lying in a dark background
so much deep the darkness continues 
destroying other people's avenues

sleeping under the debris
we feel the heat of crisis
we live a life of poise
because we can't raise our voice

breaking the locked locks 
raising above the heavy rocks 
we enter a society so bright
where faith and hope linger alright           ""
now we have to ponder over what is the dark background comprising of
now we have to think over the depth of this darkness
now we have realize the destruction of the people avenues
now we have to envision the debris above us
now we have to visualize the heat of the crises
now we have to contemplate over the poise in our lives
now we have to consider the locked locks
now we have to weigh the heavy rocks
now we have to ponder over which faith and hope we have to spread in our society
                                     bring the change in this second as  this second is for change 
                                                                 and the second second is for the results
Flowing water doesn't stop but changes others according to it
be the cause as a change wants a cause